Screen Door Records - Professional Recording Services  - Nashville, TN
"J. Kirkland is not one to mince words."-Nashville Scene
Screen Door Records is a professional, mid-size audio-recording facility, owned & operated by J. Kirkland.
The studio was built inside of an existing 1500 square-foot home, which was chosen for its acoustics and the convenience of its layout. The tracking area consists of 1 “live” room, 1 “dead” room, and 2 dedicated isolation rooms. With the exception of the “dead” room, all rooms feature solid oak flooring & minimal acoustic treatment, in order to preserve the inherent acoustical properties of the room. While the isolation rooms are not considered “soundproof” in the traditional sense, acoustic bleed between rooms is minimal-to-none when the doors are sealed.
The control room is located above the main tracking area, on the 2nd floor. The control room has been acoustically treated to be as quiet and non-reverberant as possible, in order to provide a more accurate listening experience during tracking & mixing.
Detailed information about our recording equipment can be found elsewhere on the website – we offer a wide variety of high-quality condenser, dynamic, and ribbon microphones, and a decent selection of outboard preamps/signal processors, which allow us to capture the sound you’re looking for without degrading the signal quality through digital manipulation.
We have experience in nearly all genres of music production, and our doors are open to any and all bands/artists, regardless of age/experience/skill-level/wealth. If you would like to see some of the projects we’ve worked on, you may view them here.
If you are interested in recording a project at Screen Door, information on booking/rates may be found here.
If you have a question about our studio, or just about recording in general, you may direct them here.
We strive to frequently update our equipment and facility, so be sure to check back often for any new developments.
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